Juri's Music

I created sheet music for the Piano Intro of Tangerine Dream's Ricochet part 2: Ricochet Part 2 Intro.

Here you can find a bank of new sounds for the Waldorf MicroQ Synthesizer: microq-newsounds.syx. The bank contains 114 completely new sounds. All the sounds have been programmed by myself, utilizing a software sound editing tool which I wrote in JavaScript with node.js.

Here is a teaser for my upcoming electronic music album: Syklight (mp3 format)

The following albums have been produced by myself and are available on request for free. Contact albums@urbainczyk.de to order an album. The songs which are written by myself (this excludes the album Replay) can be purchased for further use. If you are interested please contact the above email address.

The highlighted tracks are available for download. Just click on the respective link.
ur - planetographica
Released: 3/2005

01 Mangala Valles
02 Noctis Labyrinthus
03 Tharsis
04 Hesperia Planum
05 Olympus Mons
06 Chryse
07 Arsia Mons
08 Ophir Chasma
09 Hecates Tholus
Ok, so eventually there is another release out now. The album planetographica features nine tracks written in the years from 2002 until 2005. Actually, I wrote a lot of songs during that time and was also busy doing the Replay album and other things. Finally, I ended up with so much music, that it was really hard to sort out what to put onto the album and what to leave out. During the course of the production I realized that I wanted to do some sort of chillout album - at least one that was dominated by more slow music which could also be listened to in the background while having conversation or which even could be used as soundtrack.
Because of that I decided to leave most of the fast and attention-drawing pieces out and also added some music which is nearly without any percussion and drums.
planetographica is a concept album. It's theme is the features and landmarks of the planet mars, which lend there names for the songs. It's downtempto and chilly feel very much reflects the sight and sound of the surface of our neighbour planet.
The song Olympus mons also is worth mentioning because it is more than 27 minutes long and has 100 bpm speed all over the track. I intentionally wrote the long track to refect the size of the montains which gave it's name.
MOJU - Replay
Released: 2003

01 Take me back
02 How do you do
03 You'll see
04 Can't get it out of my head
05 Goldeneye
06 Ticket to the moon
07 Paint
08 Soldiers
09 Am I right
10 Spending my time
11 The world is not enough
12 Love to hate you
13 Crash, Boom, Bang
14 Reprise
This album includes pop songs and is also the first to use singing on all of the tracks. It features vocals by Monika Urbainczyk and a by myself.
The idea for this album came to us nearly by accident when we were just playing around a little bit with recording voices on hard disk. It turned out to be so easy and really sounded good, so we took it a step further and recorded a whole song (Always from Erasure's I say, I say, I say). Later, this first song didn't really fit into the rest of the recordings and eventually we left it out of the album.
I have to point out that this album was only recorded because of the fun of it and is not intended to be sold or otherwise to be used commercially.
I am sure that someday there will be a follow-up tp this project.
Rhodos 2001
Released: 2001

01 Petaloudes
02 Mandraki
03 Nea Agora
04 Filerimos
05 Nea Agora (Remix)
This album was conceived and produced in as much as ten days. It is essentially the soundtrack for a holiday video filmed on the Greek island of Rhodes. Thanx to Martina Haase for the inspiration. It is also the first album to feature the Micro Q virtual analog synthesizer which makes itself heared on nearly every track. I love the Internet: it took me only ten minutes to find the greek vocal samples used in the song Nea Agora.
Released: 1999

01 Awakening
02 Where my heart belongs
03 Layers of blue
04 Friday
05 Sansibar
06 Hourglasses
07 The tune
08 Feel
09 Bass of life
10 Saxist
11 At dawn
This album contains material which was written over a very long period of time. This of course leaves its mark in the sounds and the songs of the album. Some of the pieces were even conceived earlier than the tracks on the Merl Recordings album. Thus, the whole appears not to be one piece but rather a collection of very different songs.
The Merl Recordings
Released: 1997

01 Momentum
02 Boldly Going
03 The tune
04 Droid talk
05 Walking on
06 633
07 C-Bit
08 T.ekn.O.tel.O
This album was originally recorded for CD by a friend and former colleague of mine, Lothar Merl, hence the name. The primary recording (taken from the instruments) was done using an hifi video recorder, which produced surprisingly good results.
This was the first album to feature an digital sampler (an EMU ESI-32 by the way) which especially influenced the beginning of Droid Talk and was used extensively for T.ekn.O.tel.O
Released: 1994

01 Positronic
02 Ganymed
03 Wipe away the memory
04 Passionate tomorrow
05 The inner light
06 Cyborg
07 Dolphins on the moon
08 Maiden flight
09 Make it happen
10 Voyager's dream
11 Say goodbye to Avalon
12 Riding the banshee
This actually was my first album, originally mastered on video tape using a hifi video recorder! The original copies were distributed as audio cassettes :-() After some years I eventually found the time to digitize the recording and restore it to CD. In those days I didn't really own much equipment, especially no reverb or echo effect box so the songs sound a little bit "dry". But I used an real and true Roland Jupiter 6 on most of the recordings (which was used for the impressive bass sounds on Positronic e.g.).